Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Made It!!

I finally finished my 23 things! I really enjoyed exploring Flckr and creating my blog, even though I didn't get fancy like some bloggers.I feel alot less stressed about exploring things on the internet now, and feel confident that I can get around better. I learned that we have a tremendous internet highway to explore out on the horizon. The nice part about it is that their is something there for everyone . I think the overall program was easy to follow and would do it again time permitting. I recommend this to all new employees as part of training since we use these resources so heavily. I look forward to future classes and or programs.

Donwloadable Audiobooks

These websites are great for the persons who love to listen to talking books. I am unfortunately not one of them. The technology is great though. I know that we are getting ready to test mp3 talking books on the Rolling Reader. I am interested to hear what the seniors have to say about them versus a talking book.


I explored podcasts and found that they were not really something I would use. I don't get to spend that much time on the computer nor do I listen to talking books. I am quite sure some people would find this useful though.

2.0 Awards List

Explored travel and discovered This website is similar to Orbitz, except that it let me do a comparison with 2 other websites. I liked that feature, as it let me look for the lowest hotel rates and gave reviews of the hotels. Nice feature when you are traveling somewhere.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zoho Writer

I could have used this for college many moons ago. Especially for speech class, when we had to do presentations requiring slideshows etc.. When I started college( I am dating myself now)computers were just starting to become available for the general public. I did my term papers on an electric typewriter( my son asks what's that mom). These tools make life so much easier for doing presentations that's for sure! I am glad that they are available, as my son is now the college student!


I like the fact that libraries can set up these sites for informational purposes. As stated, wikis have pros and cons to them. If you are a student trying to collect information for a paper, I would be somewhat afraid to access a wikis pertaining to that subject for fear that the info available is incorrect. I would definitely want to make sure that my source was credible, such as a library wikis. I went to the Sandbox wiki for favorite foods and added a post . My favorite all time food is chocolate bars.

Perspectives on Web 2.0

I read the perspectives on 2.0. I have to agree with Anderson's "icebergs" . Working for the library for 20 years has shown me that we have to keep up with the latest technology, and the information products that we have available for the public to use. Libraries now need to approach things differently as far as getting info out to the public. An example of this is the silver reader going to the senior centers and bringing the library to them. Having wireless equipment on board for them to access info on, and the staff to help them understand how it all works. It's imperative that we keep moving forward.